Now is the era of the Internet, so even if you have a retail business in the city, you still need your own website or at least your own page on social networks. Before going to your store, the buyer can go to your site, look at the information, study you, and only then go to you.

Let’s talk about sites. Websites are of several types. It can be just a business card site with your contacts and a description of your activities. In any case, you need to make sure that the client, having opened your site, immediately understands…

Retail store, on the one hand, brings many problems and worries, because there is a rental, furniture, trading equipment, staff and many more, many other things. But, on the other hand, to invite the client is sometimes much easier to the physical store than in the virtual.

The main thing in the retail store is the location. It is necessary to choose a place with the most maximum traffic of people and at the same time to rent there was not too big. Choosing a place, you need to watch forward immediately. …

This is an important point in any business. Let’s talk a little more.

When we made the list of suppliers, this is the same list of our competitors who have the same product as you do now. If at that moment we chose sites, not from the first search page, but further, then it is advisable to take competitors from the first page.

Choose about five competitors whose offers you think are the most attractive. Now let’s choose the criteria by which we will evaluate competitors in order to draw conclusions from this for ourselves:

  • 5 points that we like…

I want to tell you how to start selling and making money without investing in a product. A lot of companies use this, it is suitable for increasing the range of their goods, as well as for expedited delivery to certain cities if you have partners in these cities. But newcomers to the business can also use this to start making money without investment. This type of sales is called “dropshipping” or you can find another common name like “agency agreement”.

What is the essence of such sales and why it is convenient for a newbie in a business to…

I believe this is the most important step you take in building your business. At this stage, you need to choose exactly the direction that you really want to do. That it will bring you pleasure, not negativity. After all, if you look ahead, then most likely the first six months or a year is the period in which you will reach your payback and will not yet make a profit. And if at the initial stage you choose a direction that does not bring you pleasure, then you will be morally exhausted — no money, no pleasure.

Let’s start…

After identifying a niche, you can start looking for a supplier for your product. If there are several suppliers in this segment, then you need to define the main and one or two suppliers as a backup. This is done in case the main supplier changes conditions that are not favorable for you, the delivery time increases, or some other problems arise.

Where can we find a supplier? Let’s take a look at the most affordable and easy ways to find.

  • The Internet. With this, everything is simple — we drive the name of our product into the search line…

We continue to describe the ways to bring a new product to the market.

The first part from the link:

New solutions require an efficient infrastructure.

For example, electric vehicles provide great opportunities for drivers and the environment, but they need charging stations and government regulation to promote them.

Implementation leads to consumer discomfort.

Many new ideas seem great and progressive, but their implementation leads to frustration among users who find them too clever and difficult to use. As soon as competitors have more user-friendly and customer-friendly solutions, your customers will immediately go to them.

Tinsel of the novelty…

When entrepreneurs bring their new innovative solutions and products to market, their belief in success and inspiration often lead them to decide that all potential customers will instantly appreciate the value and need for their proposals and will readily accept them.

Entrepreneurs are quickly overtaken by the frustration that their business has not started to develop rapidly or stalled, and they are at a loss because they have no idea how to proceed.

How to overcome the inevitable obstacles to market conquest? How to formulate a roadmap for customer-centric innovation? Let’s try to figure it out:

People do not buy…

I would like to tell you a little about franchising. Sometimes this can be a big advantage at the very beginning, so there is no way to ignore it.

Business in the franchising system has a number of advantages in comparison with developing an idea and starting a project from scratch.

This way of organizing a business is that between two companies, one of which has experience and results of activities in the market, and the other is ready to develop the business using an already working business strategy of the first, an agreement is concluded, according to which the…

The main problem is the same thinking.

Problem # 1

The first problem that arises when deciding to start such a business is the worldview. Often, people studying in the same specialized institution (university or institute faculty, business school, courses) have approximately the same look at the things around them and generally treat everything in about the same way.

Problem # 2

Single-profile specialists are strong in their field, but in this case, the lack of the necessary knowledge and experience in, for example, the practical implementation of the idea, will lead to failure. Any project needs technologists — those…

Sergei Tolkachev

Entrepreneur, businessman, owner of two companies. CEO of Home Robot LLC (2017-present)

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